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Your company receives scanned or printed files on a daily basis. You certainly need to modify information or browse through it in the search for something specific.
We help you accomplish these actions quickly and successfully, using the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology.
This technology, widely used, represent electronic conversion of the files containing images (pdf, tif, jpg, etc.) and it is recommended for contracts, invoices, account statements, electronic receipts, business cards, correspondence, books and magazines and other similar documents.
The method allows text editing, search for information (word or sentence) but also a compact storage, display and print.

Which are the steps?

  • You give us the files, in the formats that are available to you – scanned or printed;

  • We automatically convert received files through Optical Character Recognition;

  • We provide flexible functionality, having the ability to process files in a personalized form;

  • We create a workflow that is suitable for automating the data processing, collection and indexing;

  • We structure and deliver the obtained results in the required form.

From now on, you can quickly process a variety of files, without having to ask for help from colleagues in order to verify the correct transcription of information. The OCR technology saves time and simplifies the processing, searching and storage of texts coming in various formats and from various communication channels.