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We know that the manual processing of data obtained through forms or opinion surveys is a lasting process that consumes time and significant resources. We put our services at your disposal through the OMR (Optical Mark Recognition and Optical Mark Reading) technology that captures the check marks from both the standardized and manually filled forms. Does your company perform market research/ surveys or runs competitions? Read below!

How do we save your time?

  • We automatically extract the answers from typed forms through optical recognition of response circles, text characters, tables and matrices;

  • We provide flexible functionality, having the possibility to process a form in a personalized form;

  • We create a workflow that is suitable for automating the data processing, collection and indexing;

  • We structure, interpret and deliver the obtained results in the required form.

We strongly recommend that you use this method with confidence due to the very high level of information accuracy, very low exploitation costs and ease of use. This process simplifies the storage and the processing of the results obtained from forms or opinion surveys, having an error rate of 0.03%, compared to an error rate of at least 2% when using human resources.

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